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Back in 1988 few scientists and even fewer growers were thinking much about beneficial soil microbes. We were. Advanced BioTech developed a complex formulation in 1988 that has become “The Optimum Food for Microbes.” We’ve been working with farmers worldwide for 35 years. During that time, our clients noticed many, many positive changes in their soils and took the time to tell us about them. Some of our favorite customer comments can be found here.

Over the years, we have received hundreds of positive comments like these from satisfied MultiFIX farmers. Yours may be next. Contact us to learn what MultiFIX can do for your specific soil and crops, and how it can make your nutrient and pest management program more efficient. 

"The size of the leaf, big difference. So, in younger more vigorous trees, you see a lot of bigger leaves. Bigger leaves, healthier tree, a total difference in size. We haven’t seen anything like this in this 47-year-old orchard in years. This is a much bigger leaf than I’ve seen in years. Deficiency…Almost none in this orchard"
"Thank you for introducing me to such a fine product as MultiFIX. I continue to be in awe over the results I'm getting with this product. Every day I wake up and rush to get ready and go out to the vineyard to see the new results such as shoot growth, leaf or petiole size, and I'm never disappointed. It's like I have a new vineyard."
Grape grower customer comments and testimonials thumb
Andy P.
Grape Grower
"I recommend everyone at least to try. With older trees, do half of the crop with MultiFIX. That way you know if it will produce more or not, but we are very happy to have someone be interested in our farms, and I’m a new farmer."
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Saul G.
Pistachio Grower
"MultiFIX enhances the strawberry plants and increased the production by almost 1/3. I have surpassed all the growers on tons/acre. Try the product...I guarantee you will be satisfied, or I wouldn’t be a farmer for more than 10 years now. In all my life, I have never seen a product as strong as MultiFIX. My 80 acres of strawberry plants are dark green, and the bloom-picking cycle is shorter. The bright red berries are sweet than the neighbors'."
Strawberry grower customer comments and testimonials thumb
Jean V.
Strawberry Grower
"I used CAN-17 on one block and I used MultiFIX on the other, and it was a big change. The nitrogen showed up faster but it didn’t last at all. In two weeks it was gone and the MultiFIX was growing more and more — even on my 100-year-old olive trees. I use MultiFIX on all my 800 acres of olives."
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Javier G.
Olive Grower
"I see better growth. What I see is that trees that are yellow turn green after applying MultiFIX. When I put it in a whole field, you can see the difference. It makes everything even and more consistent. You can see a better set and better fruit. The sugar count in stone fruit was higher where I put MultiFIX – 18 to 20 Brix."
Grape grower customer comments and testimonials thumb
Ramon S.
Grape Grower
"Good News! I used MultiFIX last year — this was the only change we made — and we came up with a 737-pound pumpkin; the biggest pumpkin we’ve had in 18 years of growing pumpkins, and that was through the drought of the century in [New Hampshire]. We only farm 20 acres, but we'll be using a gallon of MultiFIX per acre as long as we keep farming"
Pumpkin farmer customer comments and testimonials thumb
Wayne H.
Pumpkin Grower

Check out our YouTube channel to see videos featuring satisfied customers and their results after using MultiFIX.

Check out our YouTube channel to see videos featuring satisfied customers and their results after using MultiFIX.

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