Grow Better Field Crops with MultiFIX®

You can spend less time and earn more income simply by introducing MultiFIX® to your field crops.

Feed the Microbes that Feed the Plants!

MultiFIX® The Optimum Food for Microbes

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MultiFIX®: Then & Now

Whether your farm is 40 acres or 15,000 acres, we know that is the most important soil in the world to you. Back in 1988 very few scientists and growers thought about beneficial soil microbes. But Advanced BioTech did. That was the year we developed a complex formulation destined to become “The Optimum Food for Microbes.” After using MultiFIX® for 35 years, more than 30 years in some cases, our growers consistently notice  positive changes to their soil. Now you can take advantage of our MultiFIX® formulation and make your nutrient and  management program more efficient.

Get Top Yield & Quality Field Crops

Contact us for more specifics on how the MultiFIX® formulation will help your Field Crops be the best possible crop each year for the various soils on your farm!

Results of MultiFIX® vs. Control

Untreated Cotton

Treated with MultiFIX® and Herbicide worked best with a 12% Yield Increase

Top – Control

Bottom Row – with MultiFIX®

MultiFIX®-treated corn on left. Note improved root structure over the non-treated corn.

Made With Large Farms In Mind

Your whole operation can improve simply by incorporating MultiFIX® with existing fertility and pest programs! MultiFIX® - developed for improving soil health and productivity on large scale Conventional Farming.

Easy to Follow Instructions

Method of application: Continue each year to include: 1 to 3 gallons MultiFIX® per acre split into several applications.

How MultiFIX® Helps You

The MultiFIX® Formulation

MultiFIX® is designed to increase and enhance microbial activity in the soil. MultiFIX® is a liquid nutrient in a soluble form that provides soils and plants with many of the necessary elements required for optimal health and growth. It provides trace elements and nutrients which improve the general soil and plant condition and are valuable supplements to soil and foliar fertilizer programs-particularly where there are deficiencies and problems in the uptake of primary nutrients and trace elements from the soil.

Beginning in 1988, through the enhancement of microbial activity, we continue to see results such as increased plant nutrient uptake, improved soil quality, i.e. better water holding capacity, healthy plants, superior crops and above all, increased income.

How Does MultiFIX® Help Grow Better Field Crops?

Improve Your Soil

With MultiFIX® the soil is active and living making it easier for the trees to adjust and obtain the necessary nutrients for optimum growth and production. Give yourself the LOW-COST and effective solution. MultiFIX® your new trees today. New trees undergo a considerable amount of stress during and after planting. The trees must adjust to their new environment and develop enough roots in order to survive. This means that the environment (the soil) must be suitable in order for the trees to exist and thrive.

Living soil indicates a healthy soil, yet many agricultural soils could use a boost. Certain tillage practices and chemical applications can limit the size of the microbial population. The need to build up the number of microbes is vital and can be very rewarding and profitable. Fortunately, there is a low cost and simple way, MultiFIX®. The formulation of MultiFIX® increases soil microbe reproduction ability by supplying the organisms with their essential growth nutrients. Other additions to the MultiFIX® formulation will stimulate and extend root growth to reach for even more minerals and water.


The Optimum

Food for Microbes


Cotton – Corn – Wheat – Potatoes
Beans – Alfalfa – Sugar Beets – Etc.
Soil microbial activity promotes:
Plant nutrient uptake
Release of soil tied up nutrients
And many other benefits


Avocado trees are thriving with heavy bloom after MultiFIX is applied

Thriving Avocado Trees

Thriving Avocado Trees Heavy Bloom This avocado grower’s trees are now thriving with heavy bloom after applying MultiFIX®. Contact Us 1.559.651.5050 The MultiFIX Guarantee

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MultiFIX® is designed to increase and enhance microbial activity in the soil.  This is a liquid nutrient in a soluble form that provides soils and plants with many of the necessary elements required for growth.MultiFIX® provides your soil with trace elements and nutrients. This improves the general soil and plant condition and is a valuable supplement to soil and foliar fertilizer programs. This is especially true when there are deficiencies and problems with the uptake of primary nutrients and trace elements from the soil.  By enhancing microbial activity, MultiFIX® increases plant nutrient uptake, improves soil quality (i.e. better water-holding capacity), and above all, increases profits.

What Microbes Do For You

The earth’s living bacteria, fungi and protests (microbes) are responsible for many soil improvements.  Thee organisms secrete sticky gums that bond soil particles together into larger aggregates helping the soil resist erosion, retain water and increase air space.  They also decompose plant residue, make nutrient available to plants and release nutrients that commonly tie up in soil.

Microbes and Agriculture

Unfortunately in today’s agricultural soil, farmers aren’t benefiting from these microscopic animals.  Seasonal tillage, fertilizer and chemical applications have destroyed and limited the size of the microbial colonies.  The need to rebuild these colonies is vital and can be very rewarding.

Microbes Need Special Compounds to Thrive

Microbes, like any living organism, have many nutritional requirements.  Proteins, amino acids, polysaccharides, esters, oils, alcohols, vitamins and enzymes are all essential and necessary for microbes to reproduce and thrive.

MultiFIX™ Is Economical

MultiFIX™ contains a large spectrum of ingredients to assist in microbial activity along with a unique combination of plant essentials.  The MultiFIX™ liquid nutrient is the low cost tool for your operation and is easily applied to all crops through regular fertilizer and herbicide applications.  Add MultiFIX™ to your nutritional program today and notice the difference.

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