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MultiFIX — The Optimum Food for Microbes

Intro to MultiFIX

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Intro to MultiFIX #1 Rapidly build healthy soils and plants

Here’s a quick 1-minute 11 second video explanation showing how MultiFIX helps you grow premium crops… Grow premium crops for higher income.

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Intro to MultiFIX #2 Feeding soil microbes

Click the 2-minute 13-second video , and how MultiFIX feeds indigenous-native microbes already in your farm soil.

How it Works

Simply add MultiFIX® to your existing farming program and see how the formulation quickly pays for itself with lower input costs, higher income or both — Guaranteed!

Here are two short videos [combined time of 3 minutes and 31 seconds] with a condensed introduction to how MultiFIX will work in the soils on your farm.

MultiFIX, The Optimum Food for Microbes, feeds the indigenous, beneficial microbes already in your farm soils. Building up the beneficial microbe populations provides an advantage in dominating the harmful, disease causing strains.

Healthy plants can have vigorous and rapid growth. The soil and plant Microbiomes have more balance and efficiency. 

MultiFIX helps get you higher income from each crop. New trees and vines can reach profitable production 1 year earlier when using MultiFIX.

We do everything reasonable to make our clients satisfied with the economic performance of using MultiFIX. Contact us and get started with MultiFIX Now!  559.651.5050 or by email with your question

(More information below videos)

Applying MultiFIX to citrus trees to turn a struggling orchard into a healthy, thriving, dark green citrus orchard with high Brix oranges.

Same farmer on two fields. MultiFIX trees had 60% more girth. Tissue tests on Control showed deficient boron levels on leaf analysis, while MultiFIX showed healthy amounts of all nutrients tested.