regulated deficit irrigation make it work for you

Regulated Deficit Irrigation: Make it work for you

How does Regulated Deficit Irrigation work?

The concept of Regulated Deficit Irrigation (RDI) is fairly straightforward. You water the crops most when they need it most, and greatly reduce or eliminate it the rest of the time. The objective of RDI is to maintain or increase farm profits while reducing the consumptive use of water.

In technical terms, RDI is a regime that purposely stresses crops at specific developmental stages. By doing this at the right times, there may be little, if any, negative impact on yield or profits. Water stress is normally imposed at times when reproductive growth is relatively low. The stress results in lower tree water status and partial stomatal closure, which reduces evapotranspiration.

Research conducted on tree crops and vines consistently shows that growers can reduce water consumption without reducing grower profits, and in some cases, even increasing grower profits. 

How MultiFIX can help

Incorporate MultiFIX into your Regulated Deficit Irrigation plan at the same time you apply your fertilizer. This alone may cut your water usage by as much as 50% in even the driest conditions.

Contact us to learn why applying MultiFIX creates balance and efficiency in water usage and fertilizer management.

Using MultiFIX is a smart way for conventional farming to be more profitable.

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