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Water Savings of 52% on Orchard Trees

Only 12 Gallons a Week!

Trees Thrive – Even in Drought

Pistachio Trees Are Healthy and Thriving with Very Limited Water in California’s Mojave Desert

I’m only putting about 12 gallons a week on each tree” — Sonny

Sonny began growing pistachio trees on five acres in California’s Mojave Desert, where summer temperatures regularly reach 115°-120°F. Pistachios, being native to the arid climate of Central Asia, are tough and hardy trees, but they still need water. Plant scientists at the University of California at Davis say a young tree the size of Sonny’s requires 60 to 70 gallons of water each week during the hottest summer months in order to thrive.

Sonny’s irrigation system was not up to the task. It could deliver his pistachios only 12 gallons of water per tree per week. But Sonny was able to give his trees MultiFIX®, and his orchard thrived. His neighbors were impressed with the very noticeable dark-green leaves and rapidly growing trees, and they didn’t know about Sonny’s irrigation issues.

“I saw a neighbor at the gas station,” Sonny told us. The neighbor said, “I know you. You’re the guy that’s making his trees grow really fast!”

“Are you putting a lot of water on them?”

“Not really,” answered Sonny. “I’m actually underwatering them. I’m only putting about 12 gallons a week on each tree…compared to some people who are running about 25. Same aged tree.”

Another neighbor and friend who helps Sonny is a lifelong farmer that owns 8,000 acres of alfalfa,  pistachios and other crops. He is so impressed with Sonny’s orchard that he’s interested in also becoming a MultiFIX® client.

“We got really good foliage last year, super bright green,” Sonny told us, “which is consistent with some of the [MultiFIX®] videos that I’ve seen.”

Sonny’s impressive experience with MultiFIX® is more proof that trees can grow rapidly and be healthy in spite of limited available water.


Watch the one-minute video of Sonny describing in his own words about growing his pistachios with MultiFIX®. Then be sure to contact us to learn what MultiFIX® can do for your operation to build soil health and increase your farm income. The water savings alone can be more than the input cost of MultiFIX®.


Sonny One-Minute Video

Simply add MultiFIX® to your irrigation water and benefit from substantial water savings!

Sonny’s neighbor & long-time farmer converted decades of alfalfa crops to these nice Pistachio trees. The 12-year-old trees now use 480 gallons of water per tree per week. MultiFIX® is in his plans for lowering NPK and water costs.      

Sonny’s trees are thriving even with irrigation pump and flow issues choking back the amount of water applied.  MultiFIX® is the only variable that would create conditions for these trees to rapidly grow with only 12 gallons of water. 

Listen to another pistachio grower’s   success story. MultiFIX®  rejuvenated his 47-year-old trees, and the large, dark-green leaves confirm their improved health. Deficiency? Not in this orchard.


MultiFIX® – How it Works

Listen to what other pistachio growers have to say about the legendary MultiFIX® formulation. Visit our Pistachio Page!

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MultiFIX® feeds the beneficial microbes in the soil, resulting in increased crop yields AND substantial water savings

MultiFIX® starts in the soil to build the population of existing beneficial microbes – the soil microbiome. The microbes convert and provide what plants need most at various stages of growth, flowering, fruiting and during dormancy.

Once the foliage appears, the wonderful (fascinating) process of photosynthesis takes place creating plant building blocks from sunlight energy, co2 and water.

The plant sends molecules of sugary juices, exudates and mucilage as bulk food for the constantly increasing number of microbes in the soil –  especially in the root-soil interface of the rhizosphere.

The images above show where the trees were yellowing even with the addition of a live microbe-based product being applied.  MultiFIX® was ordered and applied with very impressive results. The neighbors commented that the citrus trees looked the best that they have ever seen. The images indicate a significant change in plant health! 

Pistachio trees have large leaves and canopy for enhanced photosynthesis. The end result is a heavy crop of great tasting green nuts – more crop income!

Feed the microbes that feed the plants with MultiFIX®, the optimum food formulation! This unique liquid rapidly makes soils more productive!

Feed the microbes that feed the plants with MultiFIX®, the optimum food formulation! This unique liquid rapidly makes soils more productive!