Tips for smarter and more productive farming

We help our farming clients get the most income possible from each crop. Simply add MultiFIX® to your existing farming program and see how the formulation quickly pays for itself with lower input costs, higher income or both!

Some clients are impressed with the water savings, others are impressed by their fertilizer savings, and all are impressed by their healthier crops and higher yields. Your fertilizer supplier may not be pleased once your orders drop 10% to 40%, but your banker will be thrilled. And if you’re already adding live microbes, humic acids or sugar-based products to your soil, we’ll show you how to make those other products work better at a lower cost.

Your farm soil and plants are teeming with countless indigenous microorganisms where 1000s of complex biological, chemical, and physical processes are performed. Using MultiFIX® promotes balance and efficiency in soil processes and plant metabolism, with key benefits including soil health, plant health and your crop income.

Please take a few moments to review comments and videos from appreciative growers. We value your time and will be glad to set a brief meeting with you.

Maximizing production on mature pistachios begins with MultiFIX
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Training New Pistachios

Training New Pistachios Proper training should start now New pistachio trees don’t begin fruiting for at least five to seven years but remain productive for

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Smarter Farming Tips: Young Pistachio Trees

Smarter Farming Tips Young Pistachios in Tulare County CA This Central California farmer’s pistachio trees are “nice and healthy” and have the “largest leaves anywhere”

Maximizing production on mature pistachios begins with MultiFIX
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Pistachios Mature Faster

Pistachios mature faster New Trees in Fresno County CA A new grower took the MultiFIX challenge to find out whether pistachios really do mature faster

Smarter Farming tips on oranges
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Smarter Orange Farming

Smarter Orange Farming Orange Trees in Fresno County CA A prominent Fresno County citrus grower describes how MultiFIX® triggered his trees’ massive root flush growth.

Avocado trees are thriving with heavy bloom after MultiFIX is applied
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Thriving Avocado Trees

Thriving Avocado Trees Heavy Bloom This avocado grower’s trees are now thriving with heavy bloom after applying MultiFIX®. Contact Us 1.559.651.5050 The MultiFIX Guarantee

silage corn producer saw production increase 4 tons per acre with MultiFIX

Silage Corn Record Crop

Silage Corn Record Crop A 4 ton-per-acre increase! 42 tons per acre is a very high yield for irrigated silage corn — but this grower

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Wine, table grapes and raisins flourish

Wine, Table Grapes & Raisins Flourish MultiFIX helps them thrive Click on the video link below to learn how MultiFIX helped create flourishing wine and table

MultiFIX helps reduce soil compaction and increase aeration.
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How to find and repair compacted soil

How to find and repair compacted soil Often called plow pan,  compacted soil is that cement-like layer on or below the surface that’s impossible to