Using MultiFIX on new trees led to 1 foot more growth than nontreated trees

Using MultiFIX® on New Trees

You use MultiFIX® on your new trees because you know that our blue formulation doesn’t just feed the tree itself. MultiFIX® feeds the microbes inside your soil — and they feed your trees.

You started using MultiFIX® right at planting because you knew it makes the trees grow bigger. Applying MultiFIX® to new trees at planting can result in 20% larger trees producing up to three times more saleable fruit at first harvest compared to nontreated trees. And they grow faster, too. Sometimes your MultiFIX® trees start producing up to a year earlier than the other ones.

You use MultiFIX® because the fruit from a MultiFIX® tree doesn’t just look better. It tastes better.

But most of all, you use MultiFIX® because you know you’ll make more money – at least 50% more than you spent on the product – guaranteed. MultiFIX® trees produce up to 300% more sellable fruit at first harvest than those other trees. And that’s a big deal, no matter what you’re growing.

Oh. And if you’re not already using MultiFIX®, you should probably start. Give us a call today, and give your new trees a promising tomorrow.