MultiFIX increases health and vigor of mature pistachio trees

The Best Way to
Feed the Microbes 
Already in Your Soil!

Feed the Microbes in Your Soil for More Income

At MultiFIX, we champion the essence of conventional farming, recognizing its inherent advantage in cultivating healthy plants that yield top-quality crops. Our goal at Advanced BioTech is clear: provide an easy to use, dark blue liquid formulation to a limited number of farmers wanting something different to reach higher income starting with building the beneficial microbial population in the soil and plant microbiome. Simply introduce MultiFIX into your existing input program to maximize each crop’s income through a fundamental shift – achieving a balanced soil ecosystem.

The soil connection

All plants share a common beginning – the soil. Our focus is on transforming this foundational element through meticulous research and world-class formulations. Advanced BioTech strives to bring balance to soils chemically, physically, and biologically, with a special emphasis on the biological processes that drive crop yields and quality.

Experience the MultiFIX advantage

Agronomy research is at the heart of our commitment. We understand the
pivotal role beneficial soil and plant microbes play in nurturing plants and crops. Our ongoing research ensures that our formulations continually evolve,
staying at the forefront of advancements to optimize plant health and yield.

  1.  MultiFIX® Builds Beneficial Microbe Populations
  2.  Balancing Nutrient Absorption & Uptake for Stronger Plants
  3.  Creating Larger Leaves to Maximize Photosynthesis
  4.  Darker Leaves Generate Higher Glucose Production
  5.  Providing Sugary Exudates as the Bulk Food for Microbes
  6.  MultiFIX® Uniquely Improves It All! Soils, Plants, and Crops

As a small but dynamic firm, we take pride in developing world-class formulations designed to simplify farming, reduce inputs, and enhance overall efficiency.
Explore the impact of MultiFIX through our one-minute video, showcasing the transformative benefits of our unique formulation that can take place in your soil.

Simple changes, remarkable results

Choosing MultiFIX is a wise decision,  to yield results. We work directly with growers and PCAs, ensuring a collaborative approach tailored to your specific needs. Maximize the yield and quality of your crops by incorporating MultiFIX into your farming practices.

Imagine a single change with cumulative benefits – MultiFIX achieves just that. With each application, your soil becomes richer, healthier, and more conducive to robust plant growth. Our unique formulation is crafted to make a significant, positive impact with every use. 


Make the wise decision

The main objective of conventional farming is to grow the best quality and highest yielding crops, maximizing farm income. MultiFIX aligns seamlessly with this goal. Farmers seeking the best crop possible each season should apply MultiFIX to both soils and foliage. Be part of the MultiFIX movement and witness the transformation of your farm into a thriving, sustainable ecosystem.

Ready for the MultiFIX difference?

Make the wise decision to elevate your farming practices with MultiFIX. Uncover the benefits of balanced soils, thriving microbes, and superior crop yields. Click HERE to embark on a journey towards healthier, more productive farming – where each square foot of your farm tells a story of success.

Our Clients Say...

"The size of the leaf, big difference...Total difference in size, we haven’t seen anything like this in this orchard in years."
John D.
Pistachio Grower
"I see better growth...When I put it in a whole field, you can see the difference...You can see a better set and better fruit."
Ramon S.
Grape Grower
"I used CAN-17 on one block and I used MultiFIX on the other, and it was a big change. The nitrogen showed up faster but it didn’t last at all. In two weeks it was gone and the MultiFIX was growing more and more."
Javier G.
Olive Grower
"I recommend everyone at least to try. If you have one or two fields, try [MultiFIX] on one of those fields."
Saul G.
Pistachio Grower
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