Feed the Microbes that Feed the Plants!

Grow Larger Leaves

Large leaves generate increased photosynthesis and the sugar building blocks of plant cells. Root exudates build carbon in soils.

Works With Your Program

MultiFIX™ is for Conventional Farming and can be easily applied with fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and irrigation.

What is MultiFIX™?

MultiFIX™ is a dark blue complex formulation developed to improve crop quality, yields and grower income. When MultiFIX™ is applied, micro-organisms in the soil reproduce rapidly and convert nutrients for the plant, causing the plant to grow faster than a plant without MultiFIX™. After the plant grows a leaf, the growth rate of the plant multiplies and the plant produces sugars in the roots for the microbes, which then produce humus. The plant then pumps large amounts of sugar and other molecules that exude or leak out of the roots. This is bulk food for microbes to build soil humus in the root zone. Humus holds high amounts of water which is easily taken by the plant, especially in times of drought. The goal is reached for the plant taking nutrients at the optimum timing for full genetic potential.

How MultiFIX™ Helps Your Crops

MultiFIX™ increases crop yield, quality, and grower income. With more nutrients available in the soil, the plant health is increased. The plant becomes an efficient sugar factory to build each plant cell, resulting in more sugar in the soil will produce enzymes, organic acids, antibodies, and other complex chemicals for plant health. The simple answer is, MultiFIX™ efficiently feeds the microbes that feed the plant that will provide the best crop possible! Read more about how MultiFIX™ can benefit your crop below!


Soybeans The MultiFIX™ product is designed to increase and enhance microbial activity in the soil.  MultiFIX™ is a liquid nutrient in a soluble form that

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Our Clients Say

"The size of the leaf, big difference. So, in younger more viscerous trees, you see a lot of bigger leaves, bigger leaves, healthier tree. Total difference in size, we haven’t seen anything like this in this orchard in years. This is a much bigger leaf than I’ve seen in years. Deficiency…Almost none in this orchard."
John Deer
Pistachio Farmer
I see better growth. What I see is that trees that are yellow turn green. When I put it in a whole field, you can see the difference. It makes everything even and more consistent. You can see a better set and better fruit. The sugar count in grapes was higher where I put MultiFIX™, 18 to 20 Brix
Ramon Sanchez
Grape Farmer
I planted these trees myself, it’s five and a half years old now. I used MultiFIX™ when I first planted, and I didn’t lose any trees at all. I used 1017 on one block and I used MultiFIX™ on the other and it was a big change. The 1017 showed up faster but it didn’t last at all. In two weeks it was gone and the MultiFIX™ was growing more and more.
Javier Garcia
Olive Farmer
I recommend everyone at least to try. If you have one or two fields, try on one of those fields to see if that might work. With older trees, do half of the crop with MultiFIX™ that way you know if it will produce more or not, but we are very happy to have someone be interested in our farms and I’m a new farmer.
Saul Goodman
Pistachio Farmer

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