multifix 5 gallon

Feed the Soil Microbes for Healthier Plants!

Grow Larger Leaves

Large leaves generate increased photosynthesis and the sugar-building blocks of plant cells. Root exudates build carbon in soils.

Works With Your Program

MultiFIX® is for Conventional Farming and can be easily applied with fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and irrigation.

Feed your soil microbes for healthier plants

MultiFIX® is a liquid nutrient specifically developed and proven to increase and enhance microbial activity associated with your soil and plants. We at Advanced BioTech developed the MultiFIX® Formulation years ago to help conventional farmers maximize their crops’ quality and yield. MultiFIX® does this by providing specialized nutrients for beneficial microbes already in your soil for rapid reproduction and higher numbers to balance and improve the soil’s overall health.

Our objective is to supply a small number of farmers who want a product that gets them up to the next level. Healthier soil means healthier crops, and healthier crops mean higher yields.

MultiFIX® is a valuable supplement to soil and foliar fertilizer programs, particularly where there are deficiencies and problems in the uptake of primary nutrients and trace elements from the soil.

What is MultiFIX®?

MultiFIX® is a dark-blue complex formulation developed to improve crop quality, yields and grower income. After applying MultiFIX®, microorganisms in the soil reproduce more rapidly, converting more nutrients for the plant, and causing it to grow faster and bigger than untreated plants. After the plant grows a leaf, the growth rate of the plant multiplies and the plant produces sugars in the roots for the microbes, which then produce humus. The plant then pumps large amounts of sugar and other molecules that exude or leak out of the roots.

This is bulk food for microbes to build soil humus in the root zone. Humus holds high amounts of water, which is easily taken by the plant, especially in times of drought. MultiFIX® lets the plant take in the optimum nutrients at the optimum time, allowing your crops to reach their highest yield potential.

Quite simply, we provide your indigenous microbes the nutrients they need so that they feed the plant. MultiFIX® increases soil health, which becomes a sugar factory building each plant cell. This results in more sugar in the soil to produce more enzymes, organic acids, antibodies and other complex chemicals, making it healthier and more productive. This provides you the best crop possible, and gives you higher crop yield! When you feed soil microbes, you also grow healthier plants!

35 years of proven results

We originally developed the MultiFIX® Formulation in 1988 to provide some forward-thinking farmers a way to easily boost crop production and quality. Our method was simple…apply this blue liquid with fertilizers, herbicides or irrigation, and many positive things happened to the soil and plants. The soil’s microbial activity was enhanced, and the plants thrived.

Our MultiFIX® Formulation was commonly used decades before most people even knew how critical soil microorganisms are in growing our food. The terms microbiome, actinomycetes, and mycorrhizosphere were relegated to universities and agrichemical corporations.

And the results keep coming

Although we’re a small company, our staff spends time each week studying soil microbiology and plant pathology as we strive to learn more of the mechanisms that MultiFIX® can boost. We’re constantly learning and improving our Formulation.

Recently, results of a university trial using MultiFIX® on corn (maize) left even us stumped, because it’s never happened before, to us or anybody. A maize crop had 2 liters of MultiFIX® 15-5-5 applied foliar on one part, 660 pounds of 20-10-10 NPK fertilizer on another part, while a third part was left alone as a control. The MultiFIX®-treated corn yield surpassed the NPK-treated by 8%, and beat the control corn 97% by weight.

These were averages performed by three different farmers on six fields. So MultiFIX® foliar applied can be a tremendous benefit for the plants where the farmers make the application. Over the years as we continually improve our MultiFIX® Formulation, we see consistent results on every crop we’ve treated — increased plant nutrient uptake, improved soil quality, better water-holding capacity, and above all, increased grower income — the main reason for farming.

Improve Your Crops Today!

Our Clients Say

"The size of the leaf, big difference. So, in younger more viscerous trees, you see a lot of bigger leaves, bigger leaves, healthier tree. Total difference in size, we haven’t seen anything like this in this orchard in years. This is a much bigger leaf than I’ve seen in years. Deficiency…Almost none in this orchard."
John D.
Pistachio Grower
"I see better growth. What I see is that trees that are yellow turn green. When I put it in a whole field, you can see the difference. It makes everything even and more consistent. You can see a better set and better fruit. The sugar count in grapes was higher where I put MultiFIX®, 18 to 20 Brix"
Ramon S.
Grape Grower
"I planted these trees myself, it’s five and a half years old now. MultiFIX® was used when I first planted, and I didn’t lose any trees at all. I used 1017 on one block and I used MultiFIX® on the other and it was a big change. The 1017 showed up faster but it didn’t last at all. In two weeks it was gone and the MultiFIX® was growing more and more."
Javier G.
Olive Grower
"I recommend everyone at least to try. If you have one or two fields, try on one of those fields to see if that might work. With older trees, do half of the crop with MultiFIX®, that way you know if it will produce more or not, but we are very happy to have someone be interested in our farms and I’m a new farmer."
Saul G.
Pistachio Grower
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