Company Profile: MultiFIX & Advanced BioTech

Founded in 1988, Advanced BioTech uses leading-edge biotechnology and engineering to create progressive and economical products, which improve soils, plants and crops, and solve environmental problems. We began by developing and manufacturing our flagship product — MultiFIX® Soil, Plant and Crop Enhancer. MultiFIX provides the proper compounds and substrates required by soil microbes and plants to grow the highest quality crops with better taste and greater nutrient value.

Three years later, we began manufacturing environmentally friendly waste and odor treatment products and equipment under the BioWorld® name. BioWorld Products are designed to solve many environmental challenges. We use a combination of bioenhancement substrates and selected microorganisms to break down most wastes into environmentally safe compounds. Our technology has been successfully applied to wastewater containing grease, fats, manure and other simple organic matter, municipal and industrial wastewater containing sludge as well as high BOD and TSS. BioWorld Products also controls algae in or on ponds, golf courses, irrigation canals, farms and ranches.

In the mid 1990s, we developed BioWorld Liquid Optimization technology. This two-step process combines liquid nutrients with specific microbes, which creates a non-disruptive, cost-effective, and highly efficient method of safely breaking down contaminants. Today, businesses and government agencies use our microbes and  BioWorld Liquid Optimizer Plus to clean up petroleum hydrocarbons (crude oil, gasoline, diesel, MTBE, and other petrochemicals) in soils and water, whether In-Situ or Ex-Situ.

The US Environmental Protection lists our BioWorld Hydrocarbon Treatment products on its National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan (NCP) Product Schedule. The State of California’s Office of Spill Prevention and Response also approved our Hydrocarbon Treatment for oil spill cleanup.

We also developed BioWorld Odor Neutralizer (BON) in the late 1990s for the purpose of direct odor control. BON is a true odor neutralizer that eliminates odors instead of merely covering them up. BON is at work in factories, warehouses, offices, shopping centers, compost areas, sewer systems and even homes. You can also add BON to paints, chemicals, pesticides, wash-down products or other materials to eliminate odor problems. 

Our presence extends around the globe with products and equipment being purchased or evaluated by government and private firms in many countries.

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