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Agrochemist doubles speed of organic substance decomposition

“At the stage of decelerated decomposition, the activity of both plant remains and decomposition of organic substances highly depended on added glucose, which led to microbial consumption of organic substances from the soil. Generally, our results are important for analyzing the influence of different carbon sources, such as products of roots or microbes, on short- and long-term organic substances turnover,” said Yakov Kuzyakov, a co-author of the work, and a Ph.D. in biology from RUDN.

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MultiFIX is the key to thriving earthworm populations.

The Key to Thriving Earthworm Populations

Beneath the surface, these unsung heroes play a vital role in maintaining soil health and fertility. Surprisingly, the key to thriving earthworm populations lies in the health of another, even more microscopic player – soil microbes.

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Avocado trees are thriving with heavy bloom after MultiFIX is applied

Thriving Avocado Trees

Thriving Avocado Trees Heavy Bloom This avocado grower’s trees are now thriving with heavy bloom after applying MultiFIX®. Contact Us 1.559.651.5050 The MultiFIX Guarantee

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Smarter Farming tips on oranges

Smarter Orange Farming

Smarter Orange Farming Orange Trees in Fresno County CA A prominent Fresno County citrus grower describes how MultiFIX® triggered his trees’ massive root flush growth.

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