MultiFIX "proven beyond reasonable doubt"

"Puts soil on the path to balance"

MultiFIX has proven its value beyond reasonable doubt for 35 years with phenomenal results at field trials and in practice. Previously we’d always recommended soil applications. But then the Ministry of Agriculture in Nigeria conducted a head-to-head trial between MultiFIX and NPK fertilizers with only a foliar application.

How will MultiFIX perform in a foliar application?

MultiFIX proven beyond reasonable doubt again...this time on corn in a foliar application!

Challenge Accepted!

At Advanced BioTech, we’ve known for decades that the MultiFIX formulation is unbeatable when it comes to improving soil and plant health. What happens, though, when the the trial takes soil out of the picture? That’s what the Nigerian Ministry of Agriculture wanted to find out. Would MultiFIX still be effective if maize (corn) farmers applied it to the leaves only?

Absolutely! As the Ministry’s evaluation (which you can read by clicking the letter below) noted, ten weeks after planting, the MultiFIX maize was more than twice as high as untreated maize (187.3cm versus 90.3cm). And what did the farmers think? “Farmers were very happy with the wonderful performance of MULTIFIX…. They concluded that it [is] easily available and affordable [and] MULTIFIX can automatically replace the NPK fertilizer they are already used to.”

The Ministry was quite impressed, concluding its assessment by stating, “MULTIFIX…is recommended for adoption over NPK Fertilizer.” The Ministry also recognized that the low levels of pests and diseases was entirely due to our “ability to improve the crops’ resistance,” and that we’ve “been proven to reverse soil degradation and puts [the] soil back on the path to balance.” The MultiFIX formulation increased photosynthetic energy that transferred root exudate molecules into the soil. The report also noted that MultiFIX “is environmentally friendly.”

Bottom line? “Results of the trial conducted have proven beyond reasonable doubt all these claim[s] made by the manufacturer.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Farm smarter. MultiFIX — proven beyond reasonable doubt.