Pistachios Mature Faster

Pistachios mature faster

New Trees in Fresno County CA

A new grower took the MultiFIX challenge to find out whether pistachios really do mature faster with our formulation. He applied MultiFIX on half of his fields, and he left the other half untreated. 

Before applying MultiFIX, the farmer had a laboratory analyze soil samples taken from each of his fields. The lab confirmed that all of his fields contained virtually identical soil types and nutrients.

Over the course of the trees’ first year, he applied only two gallons of MultiFIX per acre on half of his pistachios while he left his other trees untreated. Except for the MultiFIX, all of his trees were managed exactly the same. Same amounts of water, fertilizer, and so on.

One year later, the grower was pleased to tell us that his MultiFIX trees not only matured far faster than the untreated ones (which he expected), they were also costing him less money to grow. (which he hadn’t expected).

He first noticed that the larger trunk girth and healthier branches in the MultiFIX trees lowered his costs by giving him more pruning options.

Most significant, later leaf analysis showed that his MultiFIX trees contained far more boron than the untreated ones. The others actually showed a boron deficiency. Boron is important in flowering, pollen viability and nut set.

As other growers have noted, MultiFIX trees matured almost a year faster than untreated ones.

Still not certain? Give us a call and take the MultiFIX challenge yourself.

"Nice and healthy" young pistachio trees.
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These young trees bear beautiful nuts with MultiFIX®

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