Saving Water on Pistachio Trees

What if you could be saving water and have rapidly-growing pistachio trees?

Try this simple addition to your irrigation water in a conventional operation. You’ll get a tremendous advantage in efficient water use in both the soil and the plant. Much of this water savings process takes place in the root zone, or rhizosphere. This is the most biologically active area of your soil, and that is the main zone for water uptake by the plant.

Sonny (see video below), an avid internet researcher, found some unique information about a product formulation known as MultiFIX®. He applied MultiFIX® through his irrigation system and observed the rapid growth of his young trees. He later learned from neighboring growers that his trees were growing faster than their same-age ones.

"From a calculation perspective, I’m only putting about 12 gallons per tree per week."

— Sonny

MultiFIX® enhances the efficiency of the chemical, physical and biological processes, which can result in substantial water savings. MultiFIX® also has the added benefit of increasing the uptake of nutrients and minerals through the roots and/or foliage. The end result is faster growth due to the water savings and eventually, higher income. There’s even the possibility of a profitable harvest one year sooner with MultiFIX®.

Sonny first planted his pistachio trees in 2019 in the Mojave Desert area of California. Temperatures here commonly reach 115°F in the summers, and saving water is essential.

Sonny learned from neighboring growers that they were applying 50 to 100 gallons of water per tree per week. After applying MultiFIX®, Sonny only applied 12 gallons per tree per week. (This was partially due to his irrigation system and from calcium clogging his water.)

Sonny continues to consult with nursery staff, his fertilizer supplier, UC Davis advisers, and Advanced BioTech. We all assist in his effort to grow a profitable pistachio crop in harsh desert conditions. It’s apparent that MultiFIX® played a big role in his plant’s health and overall water savings.

2021-2022 UPDATE

Click below to learn how MultiFIX® keeps Sonny's trees growing faster while still providing water savings.
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