Pumpkins and MultiFIX

Improve Pumpkin Yield, Size and Profit with


One of the Best Agricultural Products Ever Developed!

The MultiFIX mode of action in the soil initiates mechanisms that allow your plants to produce high sugar, large size, extra weight and superior quality.

Proven effective by satisfied growers and field research, MultiFIX consistently improves grower profit potential. Advanced BioTech can’t promise you 700+ lb. pumpkins, but we will improve your yield, size and profit.

This sophisticated technology is easy to apply with fertilizer, herbicide or irrigation.

Good News! I used MultiFIX last year, and we came up with a 737-pound pumpkin; the biggest pumpkin we've had in 18 years of growing pumpkins, and that was through the drought of the century in our area.
Pumpkins and MultiFIX Testimonial
Wayne H.
Connecticut Farmer

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