Desert Pistachios

New Trees in Mojave Desert CA

Find out how a new grower farming desert pistachios was able to grow new trees using 52% less water than his neighbors in the Mojave Desert, one of the driest places on Earth. MultiFIX makes it possible.

“I saw a neighbor at the gas station,” the grower told us. “He said, ‘I know you. You’re the guy that has the really fast growing trees!” 

It’s “very, very impressive to see the growth on the new trees,” he told us. He credits MultiFIX for “the same type of healthy tree growth as on your website.”

You can read Sonny’s full story HERE or see the video below.

Sonny needed only 12 gallons of water per tree per week, while his neighbors used 25 gallons per week.
Here's how Sonny's water use compares with a neighboring grower.
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Pistachio trees at two years without MultiFIX