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Agrology in action using Biotechnology

The MultiFIX® product is designed to increase and enhance microbial activity in the soil. MultiFIX® is a liquid nutrient in a soluble form that provides soils and plants with many of the necessary elements required for growth. It provides trace elements and nutrients, which improve the general soil and plant condition and are a valuable supplement to soil and foliar fertilizer programs – particularly where there are deficiencies and problems in the uptake of primary nutrients and trace elements from the soil. Through the enhancement of microbial activity, we have been seeing results such as increased plant nutrient uptake, improved soil quality, i.e. better water holding capacity, and above all, increased profits.

Water, air, nutrients and growing space are soil requirements for citrus. Sufficient growing space is also needed for roots to explore the soil for these ingredients. Aiding in this area are the soil microbes. These microscopic organisms bond soil particles together through the excretion of sticky gums and form aggregates that increase the soil air space. By increasing the soil air space, the water holding capacity is improved, soil oxygen levels are increased and the tree’s fibrous root system has more room to obtain the necessary water and nutrients for growth.

Microbes benefit greatly in other areas as well. They convert and release nutrients through their complex nutritional cycles. One of the main factors triggering these soil and plant benefits is the amount of microbial nutrients present in the soil. Generally in farm soils today, microorganisms exist, but are inactive because of the scarcity of the nutritional requirements.

Fortunately, there is a low cost and effective product that feeds and activates these organisms called MultiFIX®. The product MultiFIX® activates these microbes by supplying them with their most essential nutrients. MultiFIX® also contains natural root stimulating hormones, B-vitamins and other nutrients to benefit the soil and plant as well.

MultiFIX® is a tool that fills the missing link in orchard nutrition today. Add this product to your nutritional program and notice the difference!

Method of application

Apply 1 or 2 quarts MultiFIX® per acre (2.5 or 5.0 liters per hectare), three to four times a year with regular fertilizer or herbicide applications. MultiFIX™ may be applied through drip, micro or flood irrigation systems.

Nut Types

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